Fabric refreshner

Use cases of Fabric Refresher

Laundry day is tough- we’ve all wished we had a magic potion that could make your clothes and upholstery fresh instantly, without the mess and fuss. We’re here to tell you that your dreams have come true!

Fabric refreshers are a great way to remove odour and odour-causing bacteria in your fabrics, and keep clothes fresh and clean for longer. This handy potion in a bottle can be used in a variety of ways- here are our top uses for it down below!

1.Perfect post-workout buddy

Your clothes are harbouring odour and bacteria after a sweaty gym session. Use PureCult fabric refresher spray on your workout wear, especially in the areas most prone to receive sweating, to banish B.O. and keep it smelling fresh.

2.Instant spill saver

Accidentally spilt something on your sofa or table-cloth? You may have cleaned the mess up, but the bacteria may linger. Spray PureCult fabric refresher after cleaning the fabric surface- its antibacterial and antifungal properties will effectively keep the surface fresh and smelling pleasant.

3.Bathroom BFF

Your bath mats and towels spend all day in a damp bathroom. Keep your fabric refresher in your bathroom cabinet to instantly refresh your bathroom upholstery, so they remain fresh and odour-free.

4.Travel time

Air fresheners are great for your car, but they only mask odour and don't remove it. Spray fabric refresher on your car seats to effectively deal with odours, and keep it clean with natural goodness. The slow-release technology also releases the fragrance in a controlled manner over time, so your car smells fresh, for longer.

5.Mattress magic

You can easily wash your bedsheets and duvet covers- but what about the actual duvet, or your mattress for instance? Prolong wash day by spraying Fabric refresher on your bedding, to deal with odour-causing bacteria. Enjoy sweet dreams with a pleasant-smelling bed!

6.Pet-odour problem-solver

Have pets in your house? Our fabric refresher is your best friend then. Simply spray it on your pet toys to keep them from developing odour in between washes.

7.Instant in-laws visit saviour

Have relatives coming over with no advance, and your house isn't in the best shape? No worries- simply spray Fabric Refresher on all your fabric surfaces, so they're greeted by a pleasant and refreshing fragrance that isn't overpowering or artificial!

The great thing about fabric refresher is that it is so versatile it can be used on almost any fabric surface, for any reason, at any time. It’s a quick and easy way to spritz up your fabrics without running any heavy washing loads, which saves you time, water and energy. Plus, PureCult’s fabric refresher contains zero alcohol and is made with the goodness of essential oils, which contain natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Use it in any creative way you can think of- just #HitRefresh!

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