Is a dishwasher worth buying in India?

In case if you are searching for “dishwasher pros and cons in India” on the internet for a long time, it ends here. Most of us grew up in homes where the thought of a dishwasher was practically unheard of! Fast forward to 2021, homes with dishwashers are still very less. Whereas  in comparison, refrigerators and air conditioners have a big consumer market. There is a very famous story about dishwasher presence in India. Once a consumer in a western country complained to a customer support helpline about a broken dishwasher. In India, the call center worker was perplexed. Why couldn't the customer simply fire the dishwasher and hire a new one if it wasn't working? he wondered! Interesting, isn't it? 

Well, the good news - this is gradually changing. With the pandemic, many families have considered getting rid of domestic help that has further influenced dishwasher sales. So as an Indian consumer, if you are still wondering about dishwasher monthly costs, how to use it, its effectiveness etc, we have compiled just the right information for you to make a wise decision. 

Why do you need a Dishwasher at home?

Saves Time 

If you and your partner are working, managing home does become an additional task. With kids, it becomes more cumbersome. Getting a portable dishwasher saves you from the hassle of waiting up for your domestic help daily or even your time if you manage your household chores by yourself. You end up saving 1-2 hours on an average daily. This is probably one of the biggest advantages of dishwasher.

Saves Water & Electricity

As per one study, frequent use of dishwashers reduced the water consumption by 74%! And if it gets better, to encourage living life in a more sustainable and conscious way, there are many portable dishwasher India available in the market that also cuts down energy consumption. So not only are you saving time but also water and electricity bills.

Better Cleanliness

How clean your dirty dishes completely depends on how good you are with handwashing. There are three types of dishwasher with different wash modes for different types of utensils. For eg : even portable dishwasher india comes with “steam gloss” features that claims to leave your crockery shinier and brighter. 

Germ Free Wash

Water at high temperature is generally considered ideal for any type of deep cleaning. Using a dishwasher does give you such an option. You heat up the water as high as 75° C, that not only ensures that dishes are clean on the surface but also are super hygienic for next use. 

Easy Process

If you are searching for dishwasher pros and cons in India on the internet, it itself is a proclamation that use of dishwasher does sound very tricky. Whether you get a table top dishwasher, or portable dishwasher or the classic built-in one, it can be daunting to use it the first time.  But quite honestly, the entire process is way simpler than standing on the sink for hours.  

Safe for Dishes 

How many times have you cracked a glass or broken a piece of your crockery while washing them over the sink? It really is not uncommon for dishes to slip from one’s soapy hands. Thus if you wish to take care of your expensive crockery, make sure to use the dishwasher every time. The gain of using it is far more higher than the dishwasher monthly cost. 

Is Dishwasher suitable for Indian Homes?

Yes, a dishwasher is an investment and there are many benefits of owning one. Is a dishwasher worth buying in India? Absolutely yes. Following are few reasons you should consider installing a dishwasher at home:

  • Every dishwasher comes with a considerable capacity which is ideal for larger Indian families. You can upload all the dishes at one go at one time. 
  • Every one of us can use some savings on those electricity and water bills, right? 90% of dishwashers available in India have proven to be highly energy efficient. 
  • Most of us worry about how efficiently the dishwasher will be able to remove our food stains - the oil, spices, colors etc. Dishwashers now come with as many as 12 wash types. So you don't have to worry about those hard food stains at all. 
  • Unlike the popular belief, dishwashers are easy to maintain. We suggest you study every brand’s dishwasher pros and cons in India before purchasing one. 
  • Dishwashers are ideal for a working family. Whether it's a joint or a nuclear family, you can easily  multitask while your dishwasher is busy cleaning your dishes. 
  • Dishwashers demand a small amount of manual involvement. Some dishwashers demand a pre-wash, which entails washing the utensils in water before placing them in the machine. Even though it requires some human labor, you can save time and effort by using a dishwasher.
  • Over-exposure to water causes a variety of skin issues and bacterial illnesses in homemakers. These issues affect the elderly more frequently. Thus, investing in  a portable dishwasher India might be a good decision. 

With the pandemic that forced us to go under house arrest for almost two years, all of us know how regular and tiresome it is to do dishes. It is never ever a one time job rather something which you end up doing twice /thrice in a day. Even though the dishwasher pros and cons in India list is highly exhaustive, the advantages do weigh in more than the disadvantages. Depending on your family size and the type of lifestyle, you can buy a table top dishwasher or portable dishwasher or the traditional built-in design. If purchased smartly, dishwasher monthly cost is way less than the savings you will make in the long term. Dishwasher prices range from Rs 20,000 - Rs 60,000 & more depending on their features and capacities. With so many advantages of dishwasher, you must consider its purchase soon!

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