Pets and floor

Best pet-friendly flooring options

Dog and floor

The flooring in our home may make or break the decor, but as a pet parent we must be concerned about its impact on our pet’s health. Marble floors easily cause hip issues in dogs due its slippery nature. And dogs lick floor many times a day for a variety of reasons so you need to pick pet friendly flooring which is not only durable but also easy for your pets.

Floors scratching is a common problem with pets particularly if their nails aren't kept short. Even if your pet doesn't scratch the floor, they might leave their mark by merely strolling, running, or jumping around.

Dog running with excitement
Dog’s excitement to welcome his owner

As the doorbell rings, our dog leaps off the couch and sprints along the hallway, barking, slipping or skidding around a corner, and sprinting to the front door. He jumps off the couch and lands on tiles or flooring. The body torques itself with pressure on front legs while the hind legs struggle to balance such speed; to get to the door as quickly as possible, so he gathers his limbs and stands on all four legs to sprint to the entrance. Only to tumble and hit the front door with the side of his neck. Looks natural and comical right? But the damage it can cause to your dog's body, however, is not amusing! Soft tissue injuries are very common - because of flooring type.

While there has been limited research on the importance of flooring for dogs, certain studies have shown that particular floor types have a direct impact on the health of a dog. 

So how to choose the best pet friendly floorings?

    Wood floor with rug
    Wooden flooring with rug

    Some flooring absorbs dog's waste and urine and makes cleaning more difficult. You won't see them, but whatever is absorbed stays as an irritant to your dog's paws and skin, or as an attractant for the dog to urinate and defecate in that location again in the future. Check out our article on ‘Choosing pet safe cleaning products’ to learn how to clean your home with pet safe products. Slippery floors especially in young pups can lead to hip issues and permanently damage their bone structure and sometimes affect their leg structure permanently (paws deviate from each other) medically known as Carpel Valgus. 

    Finding scientific information on the finest dog flooring is dependent on your and your dog's unique circumstances. It was discovered how some floors impact the paws of Beagles in one study examining interdigital cysts.

    5 Best Pet Friendly Flooring Options

    Cork Flooring

    Cork flooring is one of the most comfortable and pet-friendly flooring solutions available. Cork is an excellent choice for pet flooring since it is naturally antibacterial. As a part of the wood family, it is scratch and water resistant. Though you might have to compromise in the overall look of your apartment. This floor type is very ideal for a pet home. 

    Bamboo Flooring 

    Bamboo flooring is one of the hardest, most durable, and pet safe flooring options. Bamboo is a unique wood flooring option that appeals to dog-loving families due to its robust, durable, and elegant nature. It is not only durable and comfortable for your dog but adds a lot of style to the aesthetics of your home too.

    Laminate Flooring

    Well, there is no denying that laminate flooring has been a hot choice. It is very durable, hard & stain resistant but slippery for dogs! But textured or scraped laminate floors are non-slippery and more robust than the traditional ones. 

    Stone Tile Flooring 

    Stone tile is a long-lasting and appealing alternative for your home and pets. It is unquestionably one of the greatest flooring options for dogs and their owners for a variety of reasons, but it does have some drawbacks. It can be really hard and cold for dogs especially during winter. I’d highly recommend investing in some good soft furry carpets and rugs to balance the issues.

    Hardwood Flooring

    How can I leave this hot favorite from this list! It's lovely, elegant, and depending on the type of hardwood floor you choose, it usually compliments everything in your home. But with pets, please do consider some accommodations. Go for a harder wood like Brazilian walnut or Hickory, place slip-resistant mats or rugs across the floor, and lastly opt for a matte finish rather than laminate/polished one.

    Tips to avoid floor slipping accidents 


    Tips to avoid floor slipping accidents 

    • Use rugs & carpets across the floors
    • Use rubber mat at the entrance of your door
    • Trim your dog’s nail regularly
    • Implement a good joint care in consultation with Vet
    • Trim the hair in paws
    • Use non skid socks
    • Comfortable floor dog beds
    • Toe grips for aging or special needs dogs

    Do pet safe flooring options really exist?

    There are many factors that affect your pet’s health in the long run but as a pet owner, careful consideration for flooring is an important decision. Smooth laminates and marble should be completely avoided. Textured laminates, textured granite, bamboo, and vinyl flooring are all wonderful choices. Bamboo flooring is one of the best pet friendly flooring options and eco-friendly too. Vinyl flooring is another alternative. But again it does not offer excellent grip. So while installing your flooring, consider your dog’s various attributes like weight, height, playfulness, eating habits and health complications, if any. There is no one single pet safe flooring option but rather you need to decide which ones work best for you and your dog. 

    Happy parenting!

    Last updated on: Jan20/23

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