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5 Perfect combinations of Essential oils for multi-folding the outcomes

Essential oils are the natural extracts from the flowers, leaves, roots, and stems of variant plants. Essential oils are most popularly used for health care and aromatic purposes because of its high antibacterial, antifungal, and disinfectant properties. Regardless of their medicinal and therapeutic properties, they can be extensively used in cleaning.

Every essential oil has distinct properties that make them efficient for various purposes. However, the perfect fusion of them will result in the added supplements. They will improve and multifold the outcomes to a greater extent.

Check these 5 perfect combinations of essential oils that can make your cleaning ordeal super effective.

1.The fusion of Geranium and Lavender Essential oil for flawless floor and fabric cleaning

Lavender essential is rightly known for its best antifungal properties. Whereas, geranium oil is known for treating allergies, respiratory ailments, and infections. The fusion of these two essential oils promotes a sense of relaxation and enhances the feeling of well being. Thus, they are highly used in fabric softeners.

They also do a fantastic job of cleaning the floors with their antibacterial and antifungal properties.

2.The unbeatable combination of Sweet Orange and Lemon essential oils can best help you with vegetable cleaning, wrinkle releasing, and handwash

The combination of sweet orange and lemon essential oils is highly popular for their abundant antioxidant reserves. Their sweet and citric smell will help you heal a sore throat and cold. Hence, this rich combination can do wonders in bathroom cleaning and help you best in wrinkle removal for clothes.

Their antibacterial properties make them the best fit for vegetable and fruit wash cleaners as well.

Sweet orange and lemon essential oils with tea tree oil serve as a perfect combo for regular hand wash.

3.Patchouli and Lavender essential oils will be the best combination for glass cleaning 

Refreshing patchouli and lavender essential oils kill bacteria and also promote instant sparkle. Due to their sweet soothing fragrance, they also advance the fresh cologne and act as agents of natural aromatherapy. 

4.Clean your taps, showers and almost every surface with the Ylang Ylang and Lavender essential oils mixture 

Lavender has a sweet fragrance with potent antifungal properties. Ylang Ylang is a spicy and floral mixture scent which has good cleaning values. Thus, the mixture is predominantly used in cleaning the bathroom faucets like taps, showers, and even toilet bowls.

Their seductive power to lighten an exotic mood makes them a perfect fit as an all-surface cleaner. Yes, this combination of oils gives their best for everything and anything!

5.Let your dishwashing liquid be more antibacterial with Basil and Mint essential oils. 

Dishwashing is not only about cleaning the plates and bowls spotless but also in killing the harmful bacteria. Food tends to attract and store more bacteria on the soiled dishes. Thus, picking a cleaning agent for dishwashing is more about the antibacterial properties it has.

The natural and robust antibacterial carrier oils are basil and mint essential oils. The blend mixed with their fusion does an excellent job of helping you in safe meals!

Picking the right cleaner will play a vital role in healthy cleaning. Essential oils powered cleaners are one of the best choices for choosing natural and biodegradable cleaning. After all, we clean to have a healthy way of living!

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