Ways To Breathe Easy When The Air Quality Becomes Hazardous

There is a Danish proverb that says “Fresh air impoverishes the doctor.” However, in recent times, that proverb has lost its relevance. Fresh air today is as rare as a precious diamond. One cannot enjoy simple pleasures of life such as going for walks or spending time in the park with the little ones. Pure living is slowly being replaced by toxic, chemical way of life.


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Cities in India have seen a sharp rise in their Air Quality Index. The National Capital Region (NCR) is engulfed with a blanket of smog around the time of Diwali, taking the air quality to the “hazardous” mark. The toxic air leads to problems like violent coughs, throat irritation and even viral infections. The condition is worse for those suffering from asthma and cardiovascular issues.

Do’s and Don’ts to protect yourself from air pollution

The pollution statistics of the national capital from late October to mid-November in 2019 revealed that the city’s air was so toxic, each resident inhaled smoke equivalent to puffing about 340 cigarettes.

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With such hazardous air, the only way to protect yourself is to take preventive measures. Here is what you can do when the air quality dips below the specified levels:

  • Avoid morning walks
  • When the air gets toxic, exercising or morning walks should be avoided. Those who walk, run or engage in outdoor activities should refrain from it until the air quality improves. Also, restrict outdoor activities for kids less than 8 years of age.

  • Use masks to cover your face
  • The most damaging thing about air pollution is the presence of PM 2.5. These particulate matters are 30 times thinner than your hair and can enter deep inside your bodies every time you breathe. The only way to protect yourself against these is by using N95/99 masks every time you step out.

  • Buy Air Purifying Plants
  • Air purifying plants such as Aloe Vera and Spider Plant help purify indoor air and reduce indoor pollution. Place them in your homes and offices for better air quality.

  • Use Air Purifiers
  • When the air becomes hazardous, use air purifies, especially in rooms of kids, pregnant women and the elderly.

  • Use less energy in your home
  • Generating electricity and other sources of energy is one of the causes of air pollution. By reducing your energy consumption, you can help improve air quality.

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Consume a diet rich in Vitamin C, Magnesium and Omega Fatty acids to beat the ill effects of pollution and keeping your immunity up.

    Cleaner, healthier air is a basic human right and should be available for everyone on the planet. Own up, act and speak up for change.

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