Reduce and Reuse “PLASTIC” with Refill pouches

Over the years plastic has become a major issue and the world is looking for the best possible ways to eliminate plastic from our daily life. But due to several reasons plastic cannot be eliminated from our lives completely, no matter how mindful we are about using plastic. Before we go into ways of mindfully dealing with plastic in our day to day lives let’s first see how plastic is the real enemy for us?

Plastic: The real Enemy

It’s not new that plastic waste is a growing issue that we face everywhere around our world. Even though it is undeniable that plastic provides various benefits in our society and delivers many direct economic benefits which can contribute to resource efficiency. But overusing it without mindfully and smartly using plastic makes it the real enemy which creates negative consequences on our environment. 

Why do we have Plastic packaging?

  • Resource efficient: plastic packaging saves packaging mass, energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Without it, we would use 2-3 times more resources. 
  • Safe: plastic is shatter resistant, containers do not break when they are dropped or knocked over during transportation. 
  • Hygienic: plastic keeps products free from contamination. plastic can be sealed shut or moulded into a safety mechanism (e.g. child proof locks on medication)
  • Light weight: plastic packaging is lightweight and can take up less space than alternatives, which means lighter loads for planes and trucks and lower emissions.
  • Versatile: plastics can be transformed in many different ways. They can be blown, injected or thermomoulded. This means it can be used to package pastes and sauces. A variety of decorative effects and colours are also available.
  • Recyclable: plastic packaging can be recycled many times to create new products.

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Since, we can’t totally eliminate plastics from our life we still can protect our environment to bring a positive change  by:

  1. Reducing plastic waste 
  2.  Recycling plastic waste 
  3. Reusing plastic

Why is reducing plastic a smart choice rather than recycling?

Recycling gives us the peace of mind that no matter how disorderly we spend and dispose of our useless packaging and products. Recycling gives us a false sense of doing our duty as no matter how wasteful or pointless our spending, at least we can recycle it right?

But little did we all know that each recycling facility has specific requirements that most of us don’t know about. Also While recycling helps and it requires fewer sources than extracting and using raw materials, it still uses a lot of energy. Hence, plastic waste is a huge problem, and reducing our use of plastics is the most efficient and easy way to fight the problem.

Even though recycling is important , looking at the current situation it is not efficient. 

How are refill pouches and sustainability the same thing ?

It takes more resources to produce a bottle of plastic. A plastic bottle occupies more space in a landfill than a plastic pouch, therefore requiring more landfills. It takes a lesser amount of plastic to manufacture a stand up pouch. The pouches are recyclable and are landfill friendly, which means more of these pouches can fit inside a landfill – thus requiring fewer landfills. So pouches are a winner here.  Filling up your existing used bottles with refill pouches is a smart way to reduce and reuse plastic  on the planet.             

Purecult initiative towards plastic reduction

As an environmentally concerned homecare brand we want to create zero harm to our environment and do our best to make a change. Since we can’t totally eliminate plastics from our packaging, we try our best to reduce it in our packaging.

2 initiatives we made for reducing plastic:

  1. Introducing PCR bottles

 PCR (post-consumer recycled) material turns used bottles into pellets which can be turned into bottles again! It is our commitment towards sustainable packaging.Our HDPE bottles are now being made from reused plastic. We use 50% Post Consumer Resin (or PCR as it’s called) in all our HDPE bottles. And what more?? All our bottles are 100% recyclable again! All our PCR bottles will carry this seal.  

      2. Introducing Refill Pouches

It is better for the planet to reduce than it is to reuse, which is better than recycling. With our refill pouches, we are drastically reducing packaging weight which overall will reduce the plastic usage as well. So, each time you buy our refill pouches you will take part in reducing and reusing both at same time of plastic. Check our refill pouches HERE!


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