Every step you take towards the change matters

We know that no human technology can ever replace nature’s technology, which got perfect over hundreds of millions of years. Human civilization is one of the stable cultures established over a period of time. The success of our well-represented civilization accounts for the availability of abundant resources.

With the recent dwelling and over usage of the resources, the availability of these abundant resources became scarce. The purity of the sources declined as well. The basic pillars which strengthened our sustainability are now played out.

These natural resources cannot be replenished and regenerated. Whether it is the scarcity of the food, water, or declining quality of the air we breathe, everything points to one single solution. Save the precious resources gifted by nature.

Every small step you take forward for the sustainability of nature accounts for the change. Check the simple steps that you can do all the time!

    1.Change your individual commuting patterns

    With the expanding communities and busy schedules, we cannot afford the luxury of walking everywhere. But using individual vehicles for transmitting is the most significant compromise to our air. They cause more damage to the air than one can imagine. We directly inhale the polluted air released from our cars.

    Evaluate your commute routine with carpooling, uber, and public transits to avoid your bit of pollution.

    2.Be conscious of how you use water. Modest changes in your lifestyle can save a lot of gallons.

    Do you know that noticing the wastage itself reduces it by 40%? However, you will wonder once you see the amount of water being neglected every single day.

    Have shorter showers and off the tap running when you are brushing your teeth. Replace the shower faucets with energy-efficient ones.

    3.Use refillable bottles and reusable containers

    “3 liters of water are used to pack one liter of a water bottle!”

    The landfills and the oceans, seepages, rivers, and entire water bodies are filled with used plastic. Strict yourself upon the usage of plastics. Avoid the usage of one-time-use plastics bottles, covers, and boxes. 

    4.Cut down the usage of paper in your household by avoiding unwanted bills, paper towels, and tissues.

    Paper is solely made from wood, which has to be obtained by cutting down plants. Not just about the plants but also tonnes of water are required in the procedure of manufacturing paper. This makes them utilize most of the valuable resources available to us.

    You can avoid bank statements, ATM bills, paper towels while cleaning, and tissues!

    5.Do not just toss away your items, lend it to someone or fix it better for reuse.

    The trends change, and fashions rollover. Keeping up with them makes us toss away the old that we own. But, always tossing them away is not what you can do. Lend them away for anyone who requires them. If they are spoiled, try to fix it before you move. After all, old is always gold!

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