4 Important Days Celebrated for Environmental Conservation

4 Important Days Celebrated for Environmental Conservation

In order to create awareness among citizens across the world, there are several initiatives undertaken by massive organizations like the United Nations and its subsidiaries, as well as national governments, to give the movement a sense of collective concern. 

Let us look at some of the days celebrated across the world to reaffirm our commitment to our planet! 

#1. Van Mahotsav Saptah

Celebrated in India between 1st and 7th July every year, Van Mahotsav Saptah is a tree plantation drive that goes on for a week. The movement traces back its origins to 1950 when Mr. Kanaiyalal Munshi started it. With nearly three months to go, make sure you plant at least one sapling in the upcoming Van Mahotsav Saptah!

#2. World Environment Day

Since its first celebration in 1974, the World Environment Day by the United Nations has been actively celebrated across 143 countries worldwide. Through this celebration, the organization aims to create awareness of the challenges before us and how we can help overcome them. With different themes every year, the UN seeks to engage governments, NGOs, corporates, and citizens with various problems of the environmental cause. 

#3. Earth Hour Day

Usually celebrated on the last Saturday of March, this is a unique event organized by the World Wide Fund (WWF) for nature. On this day, the organization encourages individuals to turn off electricity consumption for an hour between 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Annually, nearly 7000 cities from 187 countries across the world participate in this event.

#4. World Oceans Day

An initiative by Canada’s International Centre for Ocean Development, this event is arguably one of the most relevant in today’s era when we see the sufferings of the aquatic life because of the perils of plastic pollution. We are continuously exposed to posts that show waves throwing back litter and fishes and turtles that ingest plastic products. This year, let us celebrate our oceans on the World Oceans Day and pledge not to contaminate it further! 

There are several other celebrations held across the world to celebrate our ecosystem. It is important to remember that while these celebrations are just a reminder, we must conserve and celebrate mother earth every single day! 

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