Simple cleaning hacks for kitchen appliances

Have you ever observed your kitchen thoroughly? It is the hubspot of several gadgets. Yes, the cooking and cleaning gadgets (electronic appliances), which undeniably comforts our diet patterns. It is generally easy to tidy up your whole house instead of the kitchen. Cheers to the germiest and greasy appliances, they make it extremely tough in getting the job done in less time.

If keeping your utensils and daily used glasses clean and tidy itself is a task, then cleaning up all the kitchen appliances is an intellectual and enormous one. Since all the appliances are electronics or flammables, cleaning is no easy job to accept. Conscious and deliberate efforts are required in dealing with each of them.

Every appliance performs a different role and thus requires different treatment in maintenance. Check the simple cleaning hacks for your kitchen appliances!

#1. Use the magic mixture of vinegar for your refrigerator

Once in a while, a side-to-side deep clean is required for your refrigerator instead of general peripheral cleaning. This in-depth cleaning is usually performed, removing all the items, drawers, and shelves from your refrigerator. The expired packaged food, and spoiled open food are to be eliminated first. Then move on to the facet cleaning.

Vinegar, when mixed with equal amounts of water, serves as a perfect cleaning spray. It has the properties to remove the grease and oil stains as well as the properties to disinfect the surfaces.

Add 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil or orange essential oil to half a cup baking soda and place inside the refrigerator for sweet fragrance. It acts as a perfect deodorizer! Also, change the box during every cleaning cycle to maintain the freshness.

#2. Salt crumbs & solution can be used to clear burnt stovetops

Every renowned kitchen stain is first observed on the stovetops. For cleaning the oily, greasy stains to the frazzled, burnt stains, a soap solution might not be your perfect cleaning partner. Yet, your food enhancer, salt can help you better!

Spread the salt directly or a salt solution on spills before washing off with soap solutions. You can observe the oily stains removed with effortless wash. In case of burns, pour the salt before the burnt area gets the chance to cool down. The spread area would peel off upon cooling with salt crumbs. No strain to jerk off the tough burnt stains anymore!

#3. Secure your toaster by cleaning it with warm soapy water

Toasters are the saviors of our every morning rush routines. Just imagine how often we pick the toasted bread out of the toaster while running out the door. Then what about the oil marks and crumbs of bread leftover? Over a period, the heap grows higher and gives in a chance for fire to catch in. Hence, regular secure cleaning is required for all our toasters.

Once in a while, unplug your toaster, place it upside down above your sink, and jerk off the crumbs by slightly shaking it off. Then use a clean cloth dipped in a warm soapy solution to clean the outer plastic surface. The interiors can also be cleaned with the same, provided the heating channels are untouched.

Soon after, use the other edge of the cloth dipped in clear water to remove the soap sediments. Ensure the toaster dry before the next usage.

#4. Use vinegar in distinct amounts for Coffee maker and Microwave

Let the automatic machines clean themselves up with not much of your efforts toiled around. Use the Vinegar solutions in different proportions to let your coffee maker and Microwave tidy themselves up. Check out the procedure to clean up these sensitive machines here.

All these machines save a lot of energy and effort from us in the kitchen every day. Maintaining them clean and proper, enhance their lifetime as well as usability. For safe and healthy normale, follow this simple cleaning guide!

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