Animal Rescue

Taking care of the environment means not only nature but also those creatures which cannot talk and express themselves like us humans. While taking the steps towards cleaner, eco-friendly and sustainable lives, we cannot leave behind the suffering homeless animals. They deserve equal protection and love from our mother nature as we do. With the firm intention to aid the sick and injured animals, PureCult™ decided to support “CUPA".


Compassion Unlimited Plus Action or CUPA is a 29-year-old organization that has undertaken a number of diverse avatars to rescue and rehabilitate injured and sick animals across Bangalore City. The organization has carried out tireless work towards animal welfare over the decades.

CUPA is a non-government organization, established in the year 1991 by Crystal Rogers. She bid goodbye to her life in England to run the first-ever animal shelter in the region of Bangalore to provide a safe space for healing and happiness to the suffering animals that came seeking their help. CUPA mainly takes care of animals that are hurt, sick, or abandoned and gives them care and treatment until they recover, after which they are re-homed or rehabilitated.

The Karnataka based organization has a network of 7 centers, each dedicated to a critical aspect of animal well-being, Animal Birth Control, Trauma & Rescue Centre, Second Chance Adoption Centre, Geriatric Centre, and Large Animal Rehabilitation Rescue Centre, accommodating around 300 animals in total. Additionally, they have a fully-equipped pet care clinic. Apart from this, CUPA also engages in ventures such as pet cruelty inspections and advocacy for animal rights. CUPA has also recently initiated the T.N.R program for cats. This initiative is the first and largest community-driven sterilization program in Bangalore.

As eco-warriors, we even pledge to safeguard sustainability by providing equal aid to every part of nature!