Eco-friendly Dishwasher Tablets

MRP: Rs. 999.00

Inclusive of all taxes.
Marketed by: GreenPledge Products Pvt Ltd

Skip the sink! With our dishwasher tablets say goodbye to tough, burnt-on messes and 24 hour stuck-on food in just one wash cycle in your dishwasher. Formulated with plant, mineral and enzyme based ingredients PureCult dishwasher tablets contain ZERO Sulphates/Phosphate/Chlorine/ added fragrance or added colour. It cleans up visible and invisible food residue for a deep hygienic cleanse you can see and feel. Let your dishes dazzle always!

  1. Contains Plant based ingredients, minerals and powerful enzymes which easily cut through tough grease and leaves your dishes squeaky clean.
  2. Leaves no scratches on cookware. Can be used for all types of utensils, such as steel, glass and ceramic
  3. Super rinse action, leaves no detergent residue on the utensils and delivers a brilliant shine
  4. Works well with all major Dishwasher brands and leaves the machine clean
  5. Rinse aid and Salt built in formulation to help prevent hard-water film and Limescale formation—keeps your machine looking fresh and clean
  6. Removes the toughest of grime, grease and dried-on stains like oil, gravy, milk, Tea stains etc
  1. Ensure all items are Dishwasher safe
  2. Scrape tough food stubbornly stuck to surfaces [ like Milk, burnt food]
  3. Load the soiled items into the dishwasher
  4. Insert 1 tablet per load using dry hands
  5. Wash your hands after using the tablet
  6. Keep the packed tablets away from moist surfaces
  7. Store the tablets in a dry place away from direct sunlight

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