Ways to Simplify your Bathroom - #DeCluttered

Is your bathroom cluttered? Things are falling over as you reach for your shampoo and body wash?

If your bathroom is starting to feel cluttered and chaotic, it’s time for a good decluttering! Decluttering is the first step in any organizing project and probably one of the most important. By getting rid of all of that extra “stuff” that you don’t use, you’ll be able to create a much more functional and calming space.

1. Towels - Take a good look at your towels and see if they are all in good shape. Determine how many towels you actually need to have and remove any old and unused ones. If they are very old, you could turn them into cleaning cloth.

2. Medication - Medication should ideally NOT be stored in the bathroom due to the temperature fluctuations and steam caused from the bath and showers. Go through all medications and gather all items that have expired or you no longer need/use. Discard them responsibly. Medications ending up in landfills and water bodies will harm plant and marine life.

3. Hair brushes and combs - There seems to be a different sized/shaped hair brush for everything these days. Toss what you don’t use and clean what you are keeping.

4. Décor items - Take stock of any decor items that you have in the bathroom such as artwork, storage bins, and other accessories. Ask yourself if it is adding to the space or if it is just producing clutter. When choosing decor items, look for items that are both functional and pretty.

5. Bathroom cleaning supplies - Take stock of your cleaning supplies and toss those that you no longer use. If you have multiple bottles with the same product, combine them. Look for cleaning products that can be used for multiple uses and get rid of toxic chemical cleaners.

We hope this helps you to finally declutter the bathroom once and for all!
If 30 minutes seems too short for this, remember that it is just a quick discard of all of those items that you are going to toss or donate. Recycle responsibly. Remember #HowYouCleanMatters!

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