Know why some of us have stopped being vigilant over the course of quarantine and how to overcome it

Know why some of us have stopped being vigilant over the course of quarantine and how to overcome it

Caution fatigue is real and requires little attention to overcome it

Are you disinfecting your hands as frequently as you did it at the beginning of the outbreak? Then, it's not your fault. You are just one among those who are experiencing caution fatigue. The low motivation levels to follow the standard routine is the primary symptom of this.

"When a person is exposed to the same warning repeatedly, they start to pay less attention to it. This can lead to either ignoring the ringing alarms or not responding as quickly to them as we once did," Gollan said. "We are adjusting how we appreciate that threat—the threat can seem uncertain, or we just have a hard time understanding the true threat behind."

To understand it more simply, you can relate caution fatigue to your daily morning alarm. Although you set the alarm based on the priority, you again tend to ignore it and do not take it seriously. This caution fatigue is a state of mind that eventually got developed to ignore the cognitive stress created and focus more on the new information.

However, with certain simple measures, you can overcome this state.

#1. Reframe the way you think about the risks and evaluate the potential threats you are inviting in

Since your brain processed all of the primary information, it derived a particular set of conclusions. And these conclusions might persuade you to stay focused. Now, reframe the way you look at the risk and evaluate the threats when they do not follow the safety measures.

#2. Do not overload yourself with information that makes your brain overrule the real threat

Due to the increased isolation, we are receiving immense amounts of information through digital sources. These sources are not verified and usually load us with a lot of unwanted information. This overloading of information eventually leads your mind to skip the real information behind.

#3. Take appropriate care for your physical and mental health to reduce stress

Stress is one of the top reasons which account for caution fatigue. The heightened or newfound anxiety will increase the levels of stress and makes you feel more hapless. Control your stress levels by maintaining good physical and mental health. Practicer indoor exercise and meditation with your family. Group exercise will boost your confidence and make you feel fresh. 

It's crucial to develop altruism and feel the importance of empathy at this hour. Always remember to find ways to take care of each other and take care of yourselves. 

Perceive how caution fatigue can impact your decisions and follow the measures mentioned above to overcome the state. It is good to develop positive coping skills to ensure your safety and your beloved!

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