A Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist For You

Cleaning can also give a sense of satisfaction that will put you in a good mood. Spring Cleaning can help remove allergens you may not get in your regular cleaning routine! Spring is the perfect time to get rid of stuff! Go through your closets, drawers, and cabinets and clear out what you don't need!

Here are 4 spring cleaning tips to get you started.

1.Clean Room by Room -
Cleaning your house room by room is the most effective way to deep clean it. Create cleaning checklists for each room to help you get organized and to remind you of the areas that need extra attention. Feel free to skip the areas that have been cleaned recently, and focus on the parts of your home that were largely neglected.

2.Organize and Clear the Clutter -

One of the biggest parts of spring cleaning is often getting rid of clutter. Sorting your belongings into four categories—trash, give away, store, or put away—can also be effective as you go through the spring-cleaning process. Move the clutter out as soon as possible, whether it's bringing a donation box to a charity or planning a yard sale.

3.Think Green When You Spring Clean -
If you want to start spring off on a clean note, so don’t expose yourself to chemicals and toxins. Choose eco-friendly alternatives for the cleaning of your house because as much as cleaning matters, How You Clean Matters too! Become a ZeroHero and joinpurecult.

4.Walls and Windows Need Love too -
People almost always clean their floors, but they typically forget about walls and windows. Not all dust settles on the floor and other surfaces. Just use a damp towel to wipe down walls and blinds (starting from the top). Remove and wipe down the window screens outside.

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