Eucalyptus oil

How adding eucalyptus oil in your floor cleaner helps the respiratory system?

Eucalyptus is one of the most popular essential oils in use for hundreds of years for a variety of purposes. This chemical composition has several properties like purifying, cleansing, as well as immunity-boosting. Eucalyptus oil also has a distinct fragrance that makes it a popular choice for aromatherapy and act as an organic stress-reliever. With over 500 varieties of Eucalyptus plants circulating the market, the essential oil is easily accessible and must be used for the plethora of health benefits it has to offer.

One of the key applications of this oil is its positive impact on the respiratory system and alleviating orthopedic and dental pains, as a result of which it is an integral ingredient in balms, inhalers, dental hygiene products as well as massage blends.

Eucalyptus essential oil is also a popular ingredient for floor cleaners, which act as a dispenser for the vapors. For households constantly facing respiratory issues, adding eucalyptus oil to floor cleaners can yield many advantages that include:  

1.Bronchitis and Cold

Eucalyptus oil will vaporize after ingestion. It also eases coughs, helps cold patients, and acts as a strong disinfectant, which is why it remains a popular addition to inhalers like Vicks Vaporub. 

2.Respiratory Tract infections

Further, several studies show that Eucalyptus oil vapors can aid in the treatment of respiratory tract infections. Thus, while the essential oil alone cannot treat respiratory problems, it can surely help ease the symptoms.

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