Do you like your toilet sparkling clean? It might harm our environment

Who would like to use a toilet that is not clean? With the immaculate lifestyle we follow, sparkling clean bathrooms are what we are accustomed to. Over the ages, matching up to the new patterns of the toilets, the cleaning techniques have evolved. Hydrochloric acid is the most popular among this usage. Let’s look at its usage and effects on the environment.

Hydrochloric acid usage for cleaning

The solution of hydrogen chloride in water, commonly called washing acid, is an effective cleaning solution. Its high corrosive nature removes the aged stains and cleans the porcelain ware clean.

Sounds perfect, but the adverse effects are just around. Its toxic effects are not only for humans but primarily affect the environment as well. The strong fumes emitted by this acid are quickly carried around, touching the pores of the plants and closing them. These fumes also get incorporated into fog, cloud, and rain resulting in acid rains. And when released into the soil, it contaminates the groundwater with mobility.

Can we stop all this trouble to nature? Why not, the solution is right easy by replacing these hazardous elements with natural and soft agents.  

Essential oil powered cleaning

We all know how essential oils leave the best fragrance. But much to their soft scent, they do a fantastic job in cleaning hard stains and killing bacteria. Lemon essential oil and tea tree oil mixed with washing soda, vinegar and vodka serves as the best toilet cleaning spray.

Know more safe and natural ingredients that can help your cleaning with no much harm to you and the environment!

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